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exciter: Highly recommend the SP2016, been using that reverb for years. Apr 17, 2014 20:28:31 GMT -5
exciter: Would also recommend using delays to wetten your sound. Like to prioritize the use of delays over reverbs whenever possible, personally. Gives your sound a more vibrant and lively decay, considering the dynamic nature of naturally-occurring reverb Apr 17, 2014 20:33:13 GMT -5
exciter: Roland's Space Echo is great for that purpose, can create a variety of evolving delays with that unit. It's great for percussion in particular, like to use it in combination with cymbals and snares on occasion myself Apr 17, 2014 20:38:43 GMT -5
exciter: Fabfilter has a solid delay as well, think it's called 'Timeless'. Very versatile plugin, can have unsynced delays sounding strangely rhythmic with that one. Apr 17, 2014 20:42:19 GMT -5
dj4uk6cjm: Not sure how to extract the samples from the CD unfortunately but I know which one your talking about I think, do you mean the CD soundtrack samples? Man I would like those too only because the samples are already preset. Apr 17, 2014 21:04:55 GMT -5
dj4uk6cjm: I still work on perfecting delays to get them to sound more wavey in the bass sometimes. XD Apr 17, 2014 21:09:08 GMT -5
exciter: Glad to hear it. When used as needed, delays can add just the right amount of depth and general interest to basses and other low frequency sounds Apr 17, 2014 22:31:13 GMT -5
exciter: https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B6RDTwb4OndTX3BtS0x3UFVkaTQ Apr 17, 2014 22:31:26 GMT -5
exciter: Uploaded an example demonstration there. Can hear how the delays applied to the ARP 2600 rhythm in the introduction there give the general mix a bit more bounce and 'jump', makes the overall piece seem much more lively Apr 17, 2014 22:32:52 GMT -5
exciter: Can hear in the second example how large a difference a well-used delay can make on a relatively simple sample. The bass in the second example in that file is comprised of a single bass sample, might have been a combination of the Minimoog and the ARP 2600 Apr 17, 2014 22:34:15 GMT -5
exciter: A single bass sample played normally, with one instance of it in reverse for the 'vacuum' sensation. Given a straightforward triplet delay with some panning adds unmeasurable character and mystery to the sample. Lots of presence Apr 17, 2014 22:36:12 GMT -5
punk7890™: , yeah the soundtrack CDs. I have collected quite a few over the years (see Zelda 64 folder for the original samples not extracted from the game) so I might have a few TP sounds. I'll go through the game samples some time Apr 17, 2014 23:59:35 GMT -5
punk7890™: and then go through my CDs and see if any match Apr 17, 2014 23:59:48 GMT -5
dj4uk6cjm: Awesome and how do you extract the samples from the CDs? If you don't mind me asking, is there a method? I've only been able to extract from the games. Apr 18, 2014 0:46:29 GMT -5
exciter: The CDs are purchasable sample libraries created by various audio production companies, the samples they contain are often used by video game and film production companies to save time in audio development, although some samples from the Zelda games appear Apr 18, 2014 9:37:53 GMT -5
exciter: to have been made in-house Apr 18, 2014 9:38:07 GMT -5
punk7890™: What, said. If I remember correctly, TP uses a few samples from the sampler Roland-SC88. Apr 18, 2014 14:08:28 GMT -5
punk7890™: I typically have mostly AKAI CDs. You can either use a AKAI device to play the sounds or a program would work. Apr 18, 2014 14:09:45 GMT -5
blinx: Motherfuckers stole my bike up in this. Apr 18, 2014 23:42:16 GMT -5
dj4uk6cjm: Made a quick forum for sample submissions, it's still a WIP but I'll be promoting it on my youtube channel. Hope to see some samples I've never heard before. :) Apr 19, 2014 8:50:38 GMT -5